10 garage gifts for the holidays


Happy Holidays from Red Rover

Happy Holidays from Red Rover

Whether it’s maintaining a new 2014 Range Rover Sport or fixing up a 1983 Defender One Ten, unless you live in Arizona, a home garage is a must-have. This is a list of 10 great gift ideas for a DIY mechanic and their “office”.

1. Air Compressor – An air compressor will solve a lot of problems or at least give your forearms a break. Mine is a has 30-gallon tank, 155 psi on a 1.5 hp engine with wheels so I can roll it around. This is really the heart of my garage, All of my projects usually involve my air compressor. I love it.

2. Torque wrench – Whenever you put those tires back on always use a torque wrench on the lug nuts. This will help keep you and your family safe.

3. Tall Floor Jacks – With a high axle height for off-road use, tall jacks are a must have to get underneath and work on Land Rovers.

4. Armor All Wipes – The Armor All Original Protectant wipes make what’s dull, shiny and new. I love when things look new, especially my dashboard.

5. LED magnetic light – When working late into the night you have to see what you’re doing. A rechargeable LED lasts a really long time, doesn’t get hot like the old garage lights and will magnetically stick and hook anywhere on your car.

6. Creeper – Why lay on the concrete when you can have a rolling cushion of comfort.

7. Tool Box – There’s nothing prettier in a home garage than a shiny red Snap-On tool box. If you can’t afford Snap-On, Lowes and Home Depot both have some inexpensive alternatives.

8. Vise – For a sturdy extra hand, vises can turn complicated tasks into easy 5 minute fixes. You can use them to hold a part you’re painting, metal to bend, to unscrew fussy bolts and just about anything you need to clamp down for repair.

9. Land Rover Wall Decals Wall decals are a great way to make stale-white drywalled garages a little more chic.

10. Kegerator – Why a Kegerator? Because there’s nothing better than hanging out with the bros and having an ice cold brew after installing a 4″ lift kit.

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